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Resilience Coach

A one-on-one mentoring relationship between a qualified caring adult and a youth. This is a minimum one year commitment with the goal of co-developing an Individual Student Plan (ISP). The Resilience Coach will then guide and encourage student's effo...
Date: 12-16-2018

Lunch Buddies

Developing positive self identity and life skills through interactions with positive adult role models.

Make a difference in the life of a child and become a Lunch Buddy!Students are more likely to succeed if they have a mentor. It could be a...
Date: 12-16-2018

Connector in hallways at high schools

Hang out and connect with students in the halls and on the grounds of the high school.
Date: 12-16-2018
Time: 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM
    Location: Battle Ground High School
    300 W. Main
    Battle Ground, WA, 98604

Deliver backpacks and school supplies to schools

Battle Ground Public Schools FCRC, Battle Ground Education Foundation and Connect Battle Ground are partnering to provide backpacks and school supplies to students in need in BGPS.   Volunteers are needed to pick up and deliver sets of backpa...
Date: 12-16-2018    Location: Connect BG Nine
    406 NW 5th Ave
    Battle Ground, WA, 98604

The Front Porch Team

Front Porch is a storytelling event
Date: 12-16-2018    Location: The Nine (Connect BG Headquarters)
    406 NW 5th Ave., Building B
    Battle Ground, WA, 98604

Connectors in neighborhoods and on sidewalks after school

Meet at school office before school gets out to check in with principal or assistant principal. Wear Connect BG vest and hat. Be off school grounds in surrounding neighborhoods when student traffic begins after school. Greet kids warmly and thank the...
Date: 12-16-2018    Location: Daybreak Middle School
    1900 NW 20th Ave
    Battle Ground, WA, 98604

Sources of Strength Adult Advisor

Sources of Strength is a national, evidence based suicide prevention program that pairs trained Adult Advisors with influential peer leaders to create a culture of Hope, Help and Strength around eight sources of strength (positive friends, mentors, h...
Date: 12-16-2018    Location: Chief Umtuch Middle School
    700 NW 9th St. Battle Ground
    Battle Ground, WA, 98604

Making the Nine into the Nines

We need painters, fixers, cleaners, organizers, sticker peeler offers, artists, interior designers, furniture donators and lots of other kinds of labor and supplies.
We have projects that will take 30-60 minutes and projects that could take days.&...
Date: 12-16-2018    Location: The Nine (Connect BG Headquarters)
    406 NW 5th Ave., Building B
    Battle Ground, WA, 98604

Bike Shop

Connect BG has a bike shop at its facility that is intended to provide opportunity for older generation folks to work with younger generation in restoring donated bikes for kids. Currently, the bike shop operates from 1-4 on Wednesdays. 
Date: 12-16-2018    Location: The Nine (Connect BG Headquarters)
    406 NW 5th Ave., Building B
    Battle Ground, WA, 98604

Watch DOGS

Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) changes elementary and middle school culture, increases safety and decreases discipline by bringing volunteer father figures onto campus one day per year. Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Big Brothers, or co...
Date: 12-16-2018

The Birthday Club Activities

Three opportunities or just one - pick and choose which one, or all, you would like to participate in:

Birthday Club  
To ensure that students in need have something for their birthdays the Birthday Club will collect and confidentia...
Date: 12-1-2018
Time: 5:05 PM to 5:05 PM
    Location: TBD
    11104 NE 149th St
    Brush Prairie, WA, 98606

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