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Connectors in neighborhoods and on sidewalks after school

Meet at school office before school gets out to check in with principal or assistant principal. Wear Connect BG vest and hat. Be off school grounds in surrounding neighborhoods when student traffic begins after school. Greet kids warmly and thank the...
Total Volunteers Needed: 10
    Location: Daybreak Middle School
    1900 NW 20th Ave
    Battle Ground, WA, 98604

Sources of Strength Adult Advisor

Sources of Strength is a national, evidence based suicide prevention program that pairs trained Adult Advisors with influential peer leaders to create a culture of Hope, Help and Strength around eight sources of strength (positive friends, mentors, h...
Total Volunteers Needed: 3
    Location: Chief Umtuch Middle School
    700 NW 9th St. Battle Ground
    Battle Ground, WA, 98604

Neighbor Linkup is built for local groups and supported by Go Connect.